Zachary Levi says Shazam would
Zachary Levi says Shazam would beat Superman in a fight, when asked who would win in a fight between the two. Credits: Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Entertainment

Zachary Levi says Shazam would beat Superman in a fight, or at least that’s what he’d have the people believe. Shazam actor Zachary Levi responded to a fan who asked who would win in a fight between the Man of Steel and the World’s Mightiest Mortal.

Zachary Levi says Shazam would kick Superman’s “S”

See what I did there? Get it?

Zachary Levi was on show at the Los Angeles Comic-Con and during a short panel with the fans, he was asked about the Superman vs Shazam debate, to which Levi says that he would bet on himself because his character utilizes magic, which is known to be one of Superman’s weaknesses. Levi added that both characters are equally competent at what they do, but remains adamant that Shazam would beat the Kryptonian in a fight.

Levi said: ” I mean bro, I gotta bet on me. I’m magic bruh! Kryptonite screws him up, magic screws him up even more. But honestly, based on the comics it’s pretty much like a- it’s a rubber match like you know? And I kinda like that, I like that they’re not picking a victor. But clearly, I’m gonna kick his a–. I mean who even is Superman anymore? What are we talking about? *laughs*

Superman vs Shazam

The DCEU‘s Superman is of course played by actor Henry Cavill, who has donned the red cape since 2013’s Man of Steel and he did briefly make an appearance, albeit a faceless one, in 2019’s Shazam. And fans have been eager for Superman to feature more prominently in any future Shazam sequels.

However, Henry Cavill has previously said that he would not be returning to reprise his role at Superman, which leaves question marks over a potential crossover between the two superpowered heroes. But with Zachary Levi interested in a crossover battle between the two, the door still remains open for a potential duel to happen.

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