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With the upcoming release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, people have been talking about the new Spider-Man and Zendaya’s character, Michelle(MJ). It’s kind of funny to see the fanbase going crazy over a couple of teenage love interests. Zendaya spoke in Norton Graham’s show and said that Tom Holland’s height is an issue when doing stunts in the movie.

Zendaya standing at almost 5’9 and she is obviously taller than Tom Holland who is at 5’8 when doing scenes with them jumping together, Zendaya who has the longer legs will obviously land first.

Graham Norton said: “Your height difference makes those stunts more complicated”.

One particular scene is Spider-Man (Tom Holland) carrying Michelle (Zendaya) swinging off from the bridge and Spider-Man is supposed to land first before gently resting MJ on the ground. Due to the height difference, Zendaya will land first and behind the scenes.

Tom Hollands follows and explain that “Im the superhero, I’m supposed to look cool and she would land, I will sort of land like this” (Holland shows her Zendaya is actually the one carrying his legs so she could land first in the stunt, before the scene cuts).

He also mentioned tools that movie makers used to allow actors to land safely without shattering their knees.

The shoot will restart again after Tom Holland lands on the ground and reposition themselves as if he had landed first and brought Zendaya “to safety”.

Zendaya said Holland was polite by saying “Thank you” for allowing Zendaya to catch him. This obviously hurts the pride of being the shorter man in the movie.

We are lucky we do not have to see awkward moments in the movie and these are behind the scenes.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will be coming to the theatres on 15 December 2021 (It’s only a week away!)

The latest footage of the movie was recently released in Korea, with a 30-second trailer featuring scenes that were never seen before, you can find it here.

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